The Board Members of the Arkansas Gerontological Society jointly oversee the activities of the organization, making sure that the AGS continues to provide the support to the elderly of Arkansas that it has continued to do.

They are made up of professionals and citizens of the community with a philanthropic passion for caring for those who need help.

Carol Enderlin, President

Kerry Jordan, President Elect

Rosalie Otters, First Vice President

LaVona Traywick, Second Vice President

Kathie Gately, Treasurer



Ricky Davis
Cindy Brown
Marlene Coffman
Evelyn Givens
Rea Goyne
Pat Gray
Sally Johnson
Connie Lester
Donna Morton
Ellen Osburn
Joe Petrucci
Priscilla Pittman
Kathleen Pursell
Terry Trevino-Richard
Sam Sellers
Lisa Thomas
Carol Wallace
Judy Weiss
Cecile Malone, Board Member Emeritus